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Zygosity screencap 10

ZYGOSITY (2010) — A Short Film, Director’s Cut

I’ve been writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing and even scoring short films since middle school. In 2010, I created the short film Zygosity for the fiercely competitive film school admissions process.  That submission was strictly limited to a running time of five minutes.  Naturally, a filmmaker wants to tell a story without artificial time constraints (and even […]

My Early Work screengrab

My Early Work

It seems like I’ve ALWAYS wanted to express myself through film.  Apparently, when I was three years old, I drew (seriously, drew, on an easel) a backdrop of a medieval castle, complete with a swarm of little bats overhead.  Then holding (flapping, really) a more life-sized rubber bat in the castle foreground, I proceeded to […]

Marriage equality screencap 6

Marriage Equality (2010)

California’s controversial Prop 8 set off a nationwide firestorm of debate. In the aftermath, I created this short documentary to explore many seemingly irreconcilable opposing views. A final project for Honors English /AP US History, the film features my one-on-one interviews with respected legal scholar/author Lawrence Levine and religious leaders – from both sides of the […]

The Shakespeare Project screencap 20

The Shakespeare Project (2010)

In this clip, I re-enacted the classic Mark Antony speech from Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 2, as part of a live-performance final exam — The Shakespeare Project — at my alma mater, Granite Bay High School. The production covered several popular scenes from Shakespeare’s works, but most of them featured a unique twist.  For example, this speech was […]

Tyler Nicholas & Coco Nakase in The Universal Language

The Universal Language (2010)

The Universal Language is a brilliant one act play written by David Ives.  This performance from May 2010 was my Drama final at Granite Bay High School, co-starring my good friend, classmate and frequent collaborator, Coco Nakase.   Copyright (c) 2010 – Tyler Nicholas  

Oprah's Talent Search screencap

Oprah’s Talent Search

In 2010, Oprah Winfrey kicked off a nationwide talent search/contest called “Your Own Show,” allowing the public to submit video auditions for their own program on OWN! (Oprah Winfrey Network).  After reading the contest fine-print, I asked the not-so-obvious question … Copyright (c) 2010 – Tyler Nicholas  

The Z4 Show GMO screencap

The Z4 Show: Genetically Modified Foods

The Z4 Show takes on the GMOs already on your table and in your pantry!  How awesome is food thats not only cheaper to produce, but may also help you glow in the dark, grow an extra eye, or start break dancing?  Hey, never know — that stuff might come in handy. Copyright (c) 2009 […]

The Z4 Show Energy Drink  screencap

The Z4 Show: Energy Drinks

The marketing of energy drinks is really aggressive. We’re told they give us wings, but they do more than that. Watch what happens to my Maine Coon cat, Rex. Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &  

The Z4 Show Prop8  screencap

The Z4 Show: Prop 8 Edition

This is my “Satirize Your World” project for Granite Bay High School English 10, an assignment based on the reading of Candide by Voltaire. Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &  

The Z4 Show Main Coon screencap

The Z4 Show: Maine Coon Mascot

After a successful pilot, The Z4 Show launches it’s new season. This first episode introduces Z4 Films’ Maine Coon mascot, Rex. He will be sticking his whiskers in future episodes, which include something for everyone such as stop-motion, special guest stars, and a few surprises! Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &  

The Z4 Show SwineFlu screencap

The Z4 Show: The Swine Flu

How dangerous is the flu? How safe is the vaccine? Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &    

The Z4 Show splashscreen

The Z4 Show: Legend of Sleepy Hollow

An interview with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving & a trailer for the edgy new feature film of the same name. (A project for Honors English at Granite Bay High School). Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &