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In addition to my volunteer work at PAWS, I was also contracted to create several promotional and marketing videos for them that I thought I’d share with you here.

Last summer I attended the 25th annual PAWSwalk at Marymoor Park to shoot promotional footage of the event.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dogs in one place.  Considering how many there were, I was surprised that they were all so well behaved, perhaps because they were having as good a time as their owners.  My favorite part of PAWSwalk was probably watching the dogs on the obstacle course. This was also one of the first opportunities I had to work with drone camera footage, which you’ll see included in the video below.


It’s not often that I’m required to wear a shirt and tie when I’m filming something, but at a elegant gala like Wild Night, it was a necessity.  I had become acquainted with many of the volunteers at PAWS so it was a different and interesting experience to see them dressed up as opposed  to seeing them in the signature PAWS t-shirts and jeans we all wear at work.  My favorite thing about the event was definitely the kitten kissing booth, which I made sure to spend as much time in as I could, you know… to get the best footage I could  😉

Wild Night

It was great to see a family get reunited with their long lost dog and I was really proud to help tell this heartwarming story.

Bonnie and Clyde

Here are also a couple of short videos I edited for PAWS.  They were created to introduce young people to the possibility of a career in the animal care field.



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