Hollywood Masters on Netflix (March 2018)

The Hollywood Masters Season 2 on NETFLIX !

Season 2 of The Hollywood Masters will be available for streaming on Netflix, starting on March 15th!

Once again moderated by Hollywood Reporter executive features editor, Stephen Galloway, Season 2 brings the audience up close and personal with industry superstars — including Sir Kenneth Branagh, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ken Burns, the Farrelly Brothers, Jane Fonda, William Friedkin, Damon Lindelof, Gary Ross, David O. Russell, John Singleton, Aaron Sorkin, Hilary Swank and Hans Zimmer.  It’s not an overstatement to say that working on such a top-notch professional production throughout its first three seasons was one of the highlights of my time in Hollywood.

Take a look back at my earlier blog posts for an inside look and video highlights here: Season 1Season 2 and Season 3.

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