Zygosity screencap 10

ZYGOSITY (2010) — A Short Film, Director’s Cut

I’ve been writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing and even scoring short films since middle school.

In 2010, I created the short film Zygosity for the fiercely competitive film school admissions process.  That submission was strictly limited to a running time of five minutes.  Naturally, a filmmaker wants to tell a story without artificial time constraints (and even this short film was no exception), but I understand the reasons we were given such a challenging assignment.

Now that I’m actually IN film school. I decided to revisit my raw footage and re-cut Zygosity, restoring several brief, but critical, moments that simply had to be left out of the original cut.  It’s only 112 seconds longer, but this director’s cut is the film I would have made if the  stopwatch hadn’t been running.  I also tried to apply some lessons I’ve already learned in my short time at LMU, hopefully making better use of music, sound effects, and pacing to tell the story in what is still a shade under seven minutes.

In addition to all the hats I wore behind the lensZygosity also presented the challenge of portraying two very different characters ON camera.  Pulling it all together was both exhausting and exhilarating.

As for the original production, I’ll never forget the dedication and generosity of my small but extremely talented cast and crew.

You guys ROCK!!!


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