My Early Work screengrab

My Early Work

It seems like I’ve ALWAYS wanted to express myself through film.  Apparently, when I was three years old, I drew (seriously, drew, on an easel) a backdrop of a medieval castle, complete with a swarm of little bats overhead.  Then holding (flapping, really) a more life-sized rubber bat in the castle foreground, I proceeded to voice all the parts in my first production, called Scaredy Bat (1996-ish), for a nearby camcorder.

As early as I can remember, I was writing stories, acting or voicing the parts, and getting it all down on film.  When my friends and my cat weren’t as cooperative as I would have liked, I briefly turned to sock puppets.  Then, after watching King Kong (1933) and the accompanying “Making of” documentary, I started disappearing for hours on end to create my own stop-motion animation videos.  By the time I started high school, I had already produced an award winning historical documentary and literally dozens of claymations.

This is a portfolio of my early work, created before being accepted to film school.  I know I have a LOT to learn.  🙂

Included are a selection of my earliest short films, documentaries, stage performances and claymations — as well as popular webisodes of my original creation, The Z4 Show, which “aired” on my first branded website,, and its twin on YouTube, the Z4Films Channel.

I hope you enjoy your tour through my video attic and, as always, I welcome your feedback.


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