PAWSome Experiences

Volunteering at PAWS is a great way for me to spend more time doing what I love most — shooting and editing video — while getting my furry animal fix at the same time.  It’s also a way to help animals in need, and what could be better than that?

Through my picture-taking at PAWS, I’ve learned the hard way that animals (unlike human subjects) rarely pose the way you want them to and are incredibly unpredictable, causing much frustration. Interestingly, the animals that seem to like you (and are the most fun to play with) are also the most difficult to take pictures of. They get so excited, it’s difficult to stay far enough away from them to get a good shot!

Recently, I’ve been enlisted to do more video-focused work for PAWS.  For example, I shot and edited the “Thank You” video that played at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party in January.  I’m currently working on a video of the annual PAWS Wild Night Gala. Also, I made a video (below) for PAWS about the reunion of a dog named Bonnie (who had been lost for over a year!) with her owners from Northern California.

PAWS in Lynnwood is an extraordinary organization filled with talented and devoted staff and volunteers doing amazing work for animals in need. If YOU love animals too, there’s always a way to help out, not to mention the possibility of adopting a ridiculously lovable four-legged friend (or two) for yourself. Here’s just a small sample of the wonderful critters PAWS is giving a second chance to live a PAWSome life …

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