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Choice Cuts: My New Editing Reel

Now that I’ve graduated from LMU and have begun to add professional projects to my portfolio, I decided it was a perfect time to update my editing reel.

The reel begins with a clip from a Cloud Atlas trailer I created during my early-2015 internship at Mark Woollen & Associates in Los Angeles. The challenge with that project was that Cloud Atlas is just an incredibly complicated film in terms of character and story. There are so many characters, each with their own conflict and development, that it’s difficult to accurately and effectively represent it all in under 3 minutes.

Next, you’ll see the intro of my new feature-length documentary, Priest 2.0. Creating that clip involved sifting through over 30 hours of raw interview footage – featuring an international who’s who from the seemingly unrelated worlds of archeology, theology, Greek Life and Hollywood – to find all the right sound bites about the film’s extraordinary subject, Father William Fulco, then editing them together into one coherent monologue.

What follows is the opening montage from my recently-completed Volunteer Appreciation Video for PAWS, here in Seattle. I felt it was important to highlight something I did for PAWS because everything else in the reel was either done for school credit or independently.

Next up is a sample from my short film, The Saga of Darth Lucas, completed in early December, just before the premiere of The Force Awakens. I included this video because it showcases my ability to select preexisting footage from numerous sources and edit all of it together to form a unique (and original) narrative.

I close the reel with another clip from the opening sequence of Priest 2.0, created with Adobe After Effects. While most of my work isn’t heavy on visual effects or motion graphics, I believe it’s important to demonstrate that I do have experience with After Effects and other FX programs.

So, without further ado, here’s the latest edition of my editing reel for your enjoyment …

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