04 Me and Melissa After the Ceremony

That’s a Wrap!

I’ve graduated cum laude from Loyola Marymount University with a major in Film & Television Production and a minor in Theatre Arts.

I knew that the School of Film & Television was the college that was scheduled to be the first one to confirm degrees to their graduates, but I had no idea that by happening to be the first in line for the SFTV procession to our seats also meant that I’d be the very first graduate to walk the stage and receive my diploma. When I was told that I’d be the first graduate to take the stage, I have to admit, I thought that was pretty cool.

I guess you could say I graduated first in my class.

As a high school senior touring colleges when I stepped on to the LMU campus back in the fall of 2010, I knew it was the perfect place for me. And, everything that’s happened since then has proved I was right. The experiences I’ve had, beginning with my first audition as a freshman that resulted in being cast as a co-host on the FXM series Life After Film School and including being a stand-in for Kurt Sutter and the DIT on a feature film starring Glenn Plummer, then culminating with interviewing Mel Gibson for my own feature documentary during my senior year, made my time at LMU the stuff (Hollywood) dreams are made of.

There are so many things about LMU that I’m going to miss, like making films with all my incredibly talented classmates and the amazing one-of-a-kind view from the bluff, especially at sunset. Once a lion, always a lion!

The last four years were just the teaser trailer …  Now the feature begins!

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