02 Courting Chaos


It’s been a busy time, but one of the cool things I was able to do recently was to attend the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival where Courting Chaos had its World Premiere and was named Best Comedy Film of the festival. It was also nominated for the People’s Choice Award and the voting has just ended, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival ran from February 11th-23rd and Courting Chaos premiered on opening night. When I arrived the crowd was overflowing into the street and lined up all the way down the block. It was pretty exciting and it was great to see the cast and crew again.

Writer/Director Alan Clay flew in from New Zealand and our brilliant DP Dan Kneece was there. I also got a chance to see my LMU Professor, Rachel Pearl, because she was the editor of Courting Chaos. I was the PA on this film and I was also an extra in a very important scene at the end (I’m the guy holding the surfboard), so this was the first time I not only saw my name running in the credits on the screen in a real movie theater, but also saw myself in a film.  It was a terrific feeling!

You can see more about the making of Courting Chaos here.

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