06 Scene from The Tutor

THE TUTOR (LMU SFTV Film), Directed by Tyler Nicholas

This is my third Production 200 project.  It’s titled The Tutor and stars Kristen Haynes and Gabriel Gonzalvez.

Without giving much away, the film is about a girl who doesn’t realize how lucky she is to have the best math tutor in the school until his mysterious secret is revealed to her.  The assignment limited it to be no more than 5 minutes long, have no more than 2 VFX shots (visual effects) and, like my other 200 films, could not have any dialogue.  By the way, for those of you who don’t know, the difference between SFX “special effects ” and VFX “visual effects” is that special effects are done physically on set, while visual effects are added later in post.

The time restriction and lack of dialogue were particularly challenging, because I’ve actually had this story in my head for a while, but it was originally going to be much longer and complex and relied on dialogue to help tell the story.  The film was shot in 2 days using a total of 3 locations all of which I had to do the necessary paperwork for beforehand.  It was shot with one of SFTV’s Canon XF100 cameras and lit by my DP, Mars’ ARRI kit.

It was great to work with such talented people like my actors, Kristen and Gabe, my Director of Photography, Mars, and my Assistant Director, Anna.  I was very happy to hear that my film was one of the 3 from my class chosen to be screened with other 200s at the end of the semester.  I guess all of our hard work paid off.  Thanks everyone!

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