The Message (feature image 2)

THE MESSAGE (LMU SFTV Film), Directed by Tyler Nicholas

This short film is my first out-of-class assignment for the LMU SFTV Film Production 200 course. The assignment was that we couldn’t have any dialogue, had to shoot in sequence, and had to shoot for continuity editing. I wrote, directed, filmed, edited, and scored this film.

Because I chose to film at a beach location off campus, I had to go to FilmL.A. (downtown) to acquire the permit necessary to do any filming in Los Angeles. After having gone through the process of getting one (which involves filling out the long and detailed application, turning it in a week before the first day of filming, and then picking it up the afternoon before the shoot), I must say I was a little disappointed that no one ever asked to see it while we were on location.

There were only three of us, so aside from a seagull trying to eat one of our bags full of props and equipment, production went pretty smoothly. Kristen Haynes stars in the film and Mars Oliva was my AC, AD, and grip. Thanks to my fellow LMU film students for helping out.


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