01 Teddy shooting from above

I’m Ready For My Closeup


Now that my IMDb page finally contains some legit credits, it seemed like it was also time to add professional photos. That meant getting some headshots taken. Picking the right photographer in Los Angeles, from the endless choices in this town, can be an overwhelming task. Well, I really got lucky and found the PERFECT guy. His name is Teddy, but I’ll tell you more about him later.

When I arrived at Teddy’s studio and he told me we’d be shooting mostly outside, I started to dread my wardrobe choices. It was 99 degrees in Hollywood that day (really!) and, as suggested, I’d brought along a leather jacket and a sport coat.  But, amazingly, it didn’t take long to forget about the heat and focus on the shoot.

Teddy told me that each time I heard the shutter, I should change something — for example, a different smile, to raise or lower my eyebrows, turn or tilt my head a little bit, that kind of stuff. After a while, even though I’m six feet tall, I started feeling a little bit shorter, because Teddy spent most of his time towering above me — either standing on a stool or propped up on top of a railing.  [more after the photo gallery…]

Teddy and I talked, laughed, and listened to music throughout the entire shoot. By the time we were into the second hour of the session, I started to feel as though I was running out of “faces.” Not to mention, my cheeks began to get sore and cramp up from so much smiling (and laughing).

Then when I got home, I found that there were already more than 500 images just waiting for my review, sitting in a shared folder “up in the cloud!” WOW! Picking only a handful for IMDb from so many incredible shots was really tough, but not a bad problem to have.

OK, so you’ve seen Teddy at work. But, if you haven’t already clicked on the link above and want to see Teddy’s actual work, check out my IMDb page, now with headshots, right here!

So, who IS this amazing photographer?

His name is Teddy Saunders and, take it from me — Teddy will get looks out of you that you didn’t even know were in you. You can find out more about Teddy at www.tedshots.com and tell him you’re a friend of mine.


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