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SHOOT THAT RAT! Update (“Is That CHOCOLATE I Smell?”)

Now that the teaser trailer is out for Mikael Kreuzriegler’s low-budget independent feature film, Shoot That Rat!, and a more extensive trailer will be available soon, I wanted to publish some additional pictures taken during shoot by Veronica Wood, while I was busy fulfilling my PA responsibilities on the set.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, there’s a scene where Laura Long and Kris Park are both covered in mud. In this case, the mud was made with carob, so the set smelled like chocolate all day long, which I guess compensated a little for being so incredibly messy. Serious props to Laura and Kris for toughing it out on a cold soundstage covered in “mud” and still turning in such terrific performances.

UPDATE (11/15/2012):

Shoot That Rat! has been renamed The Gods of Garbage!  Here’s the new teaser- trailer from Mikael’s Vimeo page, followed by the new photo gallery:



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