Devil as Old Man

NOCTURNE Voice Gig: The Devil Made Me Do It!

During finals week, I finally got to see the completed version of the senior animation thesis that I voice-acted for.  Previously known as The Devil’s School, it’s been renamed Nocturne.

It was AWESOME!  The most interesting thing about it for me was how 2D characters were placed into 3D environments.  It made sense, practically,  because the film involved a lot of “camera” movements which would have been very difficult to do if the background had to be animated for every frame.

I played the Devil and the old man, who is one of the Devil’s incarnations.  Doing the raspy voice of the old man irritated my throat more than expected, so I kept drinking water with me during the entire recording session.  It was more than worth it though, because now I get to tell people I was the voice of the Devil, and there aren’t too many who can say that!

Nocturne is the brainchild of Hannah Strong and I think it’s good enough to win at next year’s Film Outside the Frame!  Hopefully the film will be available for public viewing sometime soon, but until then, here are some drawings of characters to whet your appetite.


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