John Singleton

LMU Monday Movie Series: ABDUCTION with John Singleton

One of the many reasons that I love LMU|SFTV is the Monday Movie Series where movies are screened in Mayer Theater here on campus.  Every Monday, we have the chance to watch a feature film, followed by a Q&A with the director, writer, producer or other key principals.

Tonight we saw Abduction and had a chance to hear from (and ask questions of) one of my favorite directors, John Singleton.  He shared so much information with us about his movies and career.  Of course, he answered several questions about Boyz n the Hood, and told us his favorite of his own films is Baby Boy.  He even recommended some movies we should watch.  Since you probably weren’t there, I’ll let you in on his tip.  They are the Korean films, I Saw the Devil and Oldboy, and I plan on watching both of them.

One of my questions to John Singleton was about Boyz n the Hood, because I’ve always seen the character of Furious Styles (the protagonist’s father) as a modern day Atticus Finch.  Interestingly, Singleton said he wasn’t influenced by To Kill a Mockingbird when he wrote the story or directed the film.  I still think Laurence Fishburne’s performance, right down to the way he looks over the top of his glasses when he speaks, is very much like Gregory Peck’s portrayal of Atticus.  Maybe someday I’ll get to ask Laurence Fishburne what HIS inspiration was.


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