"A Pollock of My Very Own - One" (b)

My Own Pollock-Inspired Artwork

I’ve become a real fan of abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock.  His vision and technique have so intrigued me, that I started experimenting on a canvas in my own backyard.  It was much more difficult than I expected and took several days to complete each painting, but finally I was able to create a couple of “Pollocks of my very own.”

Here they are.  I really loved the process.  Unfortunately, our Resident Advisors probably won’t take too kindly to this particular form of artistic expression once I’m in the dorm, so this is a hobby that will probably have to be put on hold for now.

Maybe I’ll take another crack at it next summer …..

PS — if you’re one of the observant ones who noticed that the photos of the 2nd painting appear to be upside-down (…what the heck are those floor tiles doing on the CEILING???), you’re absolutely RIGHT!  But it’s intentional, to compensate for the fact that the painting was UNintentionally placed on the floor (and photographed) upside-down.  Yes, these things DO have a top and a bottom, thank you very much.  Tyler OUT.


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