VIRTUAL INC (LMU SFTV Film) Soon To Be Released!

Last October, I was privileged to work as a grip on the set of a new LMU | SFTV student film production, Devin Wilson’s stylish and riveting, VIRTUAL INC. (original working title, A DREAMED REALITY).

Devin also generously offered me the unexpected opportunity to step in as an extra during the shooting of one of the most interesting scenes in the short.  In case you missed it, you can read about the shoot and see some of the on-set photos in my previous post here.

The film will soon be screened for LMU faculty and at festivals.  Stay tuned for a link to this intriguing glimpse of one man’s quest for escape from his dreary life in a not-too-distant future.  Meanwhile, until the final cut of the film is available for public viewing, here’s the updated trailer …


Thanks again, Devin!!

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