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The Z4 Show Main Coon screencap

The Z4 Show: Maine Coon Mascot

After a successful pilot, The Z4 Show launches it’s new season. This first episode introduces Z4 Films’ Maine Coon mascot, Rex. He will be sticking his whiskers in future episodes, which include something for everyone such as stop-motion, special guest stars, and a few surprises! Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &  

The Z4 Show SwineFlu screencap

The Z4 Show: The Swine Flu

How dangerous is the flu? How safe is the vaccine? Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &    

The Z4 Show splashscreen

The Z4 Show: Legend of Sleepy Hollow

An interview with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving & a trailer for the edgy new feature film of the same name. (A project for Honors English at Granite Bay High School). Copyright (c) 2009 – Tyler Nicholas &