Please Kick Me Around screenshot

PLEASE KICK ME AROUND (LMU SFTV Film), Directed by Tyler Nicholas

This short film is my second out-of-class project for my LMU SFTV Film Production 200 course.  Again, the assignment didn’t allow us to have any dialogue.

I wrote, directed, shot, edited, colored, and scored this film, with my friend, the awesome Mars Oliva, as my gaffer and AD.  Patrick Koocheradis starred in the film.  This time I shot everything on campus, saving me the trips to FilmLA for permits.

It was surprisingly difficult to do some of the shots involving the soccer ball moving “on its own.”  Timing things just right and getting the ball to go where we wanted proved to be a tedious task.  It wasn’t easy to get the action to replicate the vision I had, but that’s the way the ball bounces!  In the end, I was pretty happy with the outcome.

As always, thanks to my fellow LMU film students for helping out.




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