If I Had a Hammer - still

IF I HAD A HAMMER (LMU SFTV Film), Directed by Corey Bigoni

This short film was a quick in-class project for my LMU SFTV Film Production 200 course, shot on campus.

My director/costar was Corey Bigoni, Jocelyn McDaniels was the DP,  and I scored the film.  We met as a group a few days before shooting to plan out the project, the assignment being to make a film with no dialogue about a character finding an “object of value.”  Corey and Jocelyn were great to work with, and considering we only had a few days to coordinate our schedules and come up with a story, shoot it, edit it, score it, and turn it in, I’m pretty happy with the results.

Keep in mind that If I Had a Hammer isn’t intended to tell a whole story; it’s really just an exercise in combining visuals and sound in the service of telling a story. The entire production clocks in at a whopping 1:46.

With that caveat in mind, let me know what you think in the comments below …


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