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01 Teddy shooting from above

I’m Ready For My Closeup

AT LAST, I HAVE HEADSHOTS! Now that my IMDb page finally contains some legit credits, it seemed like it was also time to add professional photos. That meant getting some headshots taken. Picking the right photographer in Los Angeles, from the endless choices in this town, can be an overwhelming task. Well, I really got lucky […]

09 Laura pays homage to Apocalypse Now

SHOOT THAT RAT! Update (“Is That CHOCOLATE I Smell?”)

Now that the teaser trailer is out for Mikael Kreuzriegler’s low-budget independent feature film, Shoot That Rat!, and a more extensive trailer will be available soon, I wanted to publish some additional pictures taken during shoot by Veronica Wood, while I was busy fulfilling my PA responsibilities on the set. As I mentioned in my previous blog […]